Sharing the joy of reading is probably one of the best gifts you can give to a child, especially when the books are written by you yourselves.
Stories for all is the fourth and one of the most impactful projects six for all has offered to these children.
We have published our own books and visited as well as continue to visit several NGos distributing 4 volumes of our books written in both Hindi and English for easy understanding for the children.
The books which cover various topics regarding issues that many children fail to understand are:-

  1. Healthy food habits – through “Piya Learns To Cook”
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  2. Menstrual Education – through “Piya and the Period Fairy”
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  3. Mental health education – through “Piya Finds the Silver Lining”
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  4. Hygiene and public health education- through “Piya Practices the Power of Prevention”
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Along with this we continue to educate these children regarding the same with the help of Power point presentations and multiple demonstrations.

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